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10 EASY Twist Hairstyles

by Jennifer
Twist Hairstyles

Twist hairstyles based upon the African styles are great alternatives to braids and they will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for the most beautiful and trendy twists for your hair, then read forward and take a close look at our pictures below, to find inspiration. These examples will catch the eye and you will receive a lot of compliments if you wear them.

Twist Hairstyles

Twist hairstyles are very versatile, and therefore they exist in so many awesome variations for all tastes. From small twists, medium or big ones, they are fascinating and benefit the women with strong, healthy hair. Black women are usually the most lucky when it comes to this aspect, because their hair is excellent for twists. Make some experiments on your own to see what suits you best or go to a professional hairstylist which will decide which are the best twist hairstyles for you.

Advices and recommendations

There are some advices you must take into consideration before starting to make twist hairstyles, in order to obtain the best results. Pay attention and make sure you apply them:

• First of all, your hair must be very healthy. Take care of it and use a professional conditioner.

• When you decide to have twists, your hair needs to be damp. Use some hair oil and then use the blow drier to dry it about 90%. The results will depend on how wet or dry is your hair, because there are various twist hairstyles you can try. The differences are that the wet hair allows the twists to shrink up, while the dry ones allow more hair length to be visible.

braids and twist hairstyles

• The best results involve real hair, so it is preferable to have your hair in its natural state. This means you are not allowed to use the flat iron.

• Small twists last longer than the big ones, because they tend not to fizz and age quickly, but they take a lot of time to be created and then to be taken down.

• Try not to use different ornaments or anything which is made of fake hair, because it will ruin the whole aspect of your hairstyle.

• You can have simple twists or you can mix them with other hairstyles. For example, a great way to combine twists with cornrows.

braids twist hairstyles

Beautiful twist hairstyles

After you have taken into consideration our advices, you can decide upon what twist hairstyle you like best to try it. The regular twists made for the natural hair are the most accessible, but you can try other lovely types too. The twists with high bun make a great option which you can obtain very easy, because you only need to gather your twists into a high ponytail and then to use some bobby pins to make the bun.

You can also wear your twists in a low side ponytail, or half up and half down, twisted French styles, up-dos, flat twists in a Mohawk, sophisticated cornrows, cute twisted rolls, swirled twists, and many more.

flat twist updo hairstyles two strand twist hairstyles twist out hairstyles twist braids hairstyles natural twist out hairstyles natural twist hairstyles french twist hairstyles

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