100 Latest and Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas – Best Long Hairstyles

Hairstyles for long hair and celebrities who wear them, tricks for a perfect hairstyle, tricks that contribute to the rapid growth of the hair. How to create beautiful long hairstyles.

Hairstyles for long hair like retro loops and path in the middle, fake bangs, high tail, voluminous curls, very long extensions, messy bun, the hair on one side, long braided tail, wet look.

Long hair has all the features needed for a classic style. It is versatile and you can arrange it as you want: with or without bangs, sideways, or in the middle. This article will show you how to hairstyle your long hair, how to make it grow faster, and much more. Also, there will be a hairstyle tutorial for long hair.

Hairstyles for long hair can be casual or glam. There are also hairstyles that are very easy to make at home like a pro. But on the other side there are some which even if you try, you won’t get the same look a professional would get at the salon. Long hair is a real asset for the ladies who want to experiment with their looks.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Long hair requires special attention because it is much harder to care for long hairstyles, but in the same measure you have many more options to get perfect hairstyles every day, but to be different every time.

Long hair allows you to be another person from day to day, invent new and new long hairstyles or copy those seen in magazines. A splash of skill, a few hair accessories like staples, scarves and elastic, a mirror and a little patience are the basic ingredients to get perfect long hairstyles at any time of the day or night.

If you have discovered that you do not put sufficient value on your hair, we have some interesting long hairstyles ideas that will get you out of the rut. These are hairstyles for long hair that are easy to make, but they look great and will help you draw attention to the beauty of your long hair.

From interesting braids to sophisticated buns or light loops, you have a lot of long hairstyles options to choose from. Below are some ideas for anti-boring hairstyles for long hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair and Celebrities

1. Retro loops and path in the middle

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Lily Collins long hairstyle
The middle line and the healthy and shiny hair with unequal strands give the actress Lily Collins a flawless look. Whether you have naturally long hair or resort to extensions in order to get long hairstyles, such a simple and feminine style emphasizes the symmetry of the face. This is one of the best examples of hairstyles for long hair.

2. Fake bangs

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Bella Hadid Fake bangs
You don’t have to cut your hair to have hairstyles for long hair with bangs. As the Bella Hadid model demonstrates, the temporary bangs look great and can make anyone think you have a new look. Hollywood stars often resort to this simple trick to get different long hairstyles.

3. Hair accessories

Laura Harrier long hairstyle
This season she is wearing hair accessories, and it seems that actress Laura Harrier has already adopted these kind of long hairstyles. At this year’s BAFTA Gala, the star chose a hairstyle with light curves and curves on one side, accessorized with a jewelry-style clip. The hairstyles for long hair with accessories are vert trendy.

4. High tail

Ariana Grande High tail hairstyle
The high tail is the iconic look of American singer Ariana Grande. The artist always draws attention through the high and very long tail, either with voluminous curls or with perfectly straight strands. These hairstyles for long hair are classy, cute, and easy to create.

5. Voluminous curls

Cheryl Cole long hairstyle
British singer Cheryl Cole has always been an inspiration for women with long hair, because she likes to wear gorgeous hairstyles for long hair. The celebrity often wears bulky, perfectly defined curls, and her hair is healthy and shiny. You can achieve the same effect with the help of natural hair extensions. You can get simple, yet stunning long hairstyles.

6. Very long extensions

Kim Kardashian long hairstyle
Kardashian sisters often resort to extensions to get very long hair. They like to wear hairstyles for long hair. Kim Kardashian posts on the social media images in which she looks impeccable wearing very long, natural-looking hair extensions. You can wear such hairstyles for long hair as well as her, if you are a fan of these styles.

7. Messy bun

Messy bun Chanel long hairstyle
The messy-looking buns were in the forefront of Chanel’s presentation last fall. The hairstyles of the models have paid tribute to the French style represented by the long hairstyles with a chic, loose look. The tall bun is perfect for women who have long hair because length is needed to get more volume. This is one of the most interesting and practical hairstyles for long hair.

8. The hair on one side

Anna Sui long hairstyle
All the hair pulled on one side, in combination with textured curls, was the emblematic hairstyle at the presentation of the Anna Sui collection for last season. On days when you don’t have time to wash your head, pull all the hair aside and spray dry shampoo at the roots to get more volume. This is one of the amazing hairstyles for long hair which are in trend this year.

9. Long braided tail

Alexander McQueen London Fashion Week long hairstyles
For those who dream of a Rapunzel style look, a very long braided tail is a perfect choice if you want impressive hairstyles for long hair. This hairstyle was also worn during the Alexander McQueen show at London Fashion Week. It is one of the long hairstyles which draw the attention.

10. Wet look
The wet look hairstyle is one of the sexiest hairstyles for long hair. It is an excellent option for the special evening events you attend. These hairstyles for long hair are excellent especially in the summer.

Wet look shakira long hairstyle

Tricks for a Perfect Hairstyle

Visits to the beauty salon are enjoyable and relaxing, but time and budget do not allow you to indulge in this every day. On the other hand, the end result is always perfect when your hair is in charge of an experienced hairstylist and you want to be able to do at home the same wonders with your hair.

Here are some tricks that will greatly improve the techniques used to style your hair alone, without aggravating your hair, so that you always look perfect:

1. You have to know your hair!

In order to achieve the perfect hairstyle for your long hair, it is important to know the type of your hair. Thus, you will be able to choose the most suitable styling products for long hairstyles and you will be able to model your hair more easily. The texture, size of the hair follicle, its shape and strength determine its type.

Depending on the result of the diagnosis (which will tell you if your hair is thick, medium or fine, whether it is straight, wavy, curly or rebellious), you will be able to choose the right products for washing and styling, and in this way you will be able to create more easily various hairstyles for long hair.

2. Dry your hair properly

Proper hair drying is an important part of the hairdressing process. To do this, you need a hairdryer with a power greater than 1800 watts, with ceramic coating or tourmaline, to prevent electrification and give a shiny appearance to your long hair.

If your hair is straight or just slightly wavy, wipe it first with the towel, using light tampons, and then use the dryer only at the tips, to remove excess water; separate it into the struts and use a round brush to dry it perfectly, from roots to the tips, rotating the brush the entire length, so as to close the cuticles and get the shiny look.

If you have rebellious or curly hair, do not wipe it with the towel after washing and instead use a moisturizing cream specially designed for this type of hair. Use the dryer for more precision and get the perfect loops in no time.

3. Get perfect and lasting loops

If you have straight hair and want to curl it, it is very important to know how to do it correctly, so as not to damage your hair and make your hairstyle durable. The easiest way would be to use an automatic ripple and set the temperature according to your hair type.

Thus, the one for fine hair may be smaller than for the rough one, which does not give up so easily and is more difficult to comb. Use a hair foam before drying and combing it: this will make it look firmer. In the end, spray a fixative with medium fastening, which will keep your loops intact, but at the same time elastic and playful.

4. Straighten your hair like a hairdresser

If your hair is wavy or rebellious and you want to straighten it, you must know that it is not an impossible mission. It is important to consider the effects that heat can have on it and to use the right products to be able to subject it to such heat treatment. However, when you use it responsibly, the hair straightener is not an enemy of your hair.

Choose one with ceramic coating and ionic heat via infrared, which is much softer with hair than other variants available on the market. Before starting the hairstyle, apply a protective serum throughout the length of the hair. In the end, you can finish everything with a hair gloss and a fixative, to make sure the result will last.

retro long hairstyles

Tricks that Contribute to the Rapid Growth of the Hair

1. Use the comb when the hair is wet and the brush when dry

The comb is used for hair dyeing, for styling products and for removing other impurities, so it is used when the hair is wet. It is recommended a comb with large and rare teeth to avoid breaking the hair.
A hairbrush is used when the hair is dry because it stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps reduce sebum secretion.

2. Rinse with cold water

It may seem like an extreme measure to you, but it is a very effective trick. Hot water is excellent when you want to take a bath and relax, but it is not beneficial for your hair to destroy it in time.
Use a little cooler water when you rinse your head to avoid hair drying and stimulate the peripheral circulation of the scalp.

3. Trim your tips regularly

I know you hear this every time you go to the hairdresser and every time you read something about your hair. Whether you believe it or not, the moment your tips deteriorate and begin to split, the growth of the hair is slowed down significantly. You should go at every two months to trim your hair as much as it takes for your hair to look healthy.

4. Use a natural mask

Your hair always needs special care, minerals, vitamins and nutritional ingredients for a healthy appearance. Once a week it is advisable to apply a natural mask to give your hair the nutrients it needs and also to have the perfect hairstyle for your long hair.

5. Drink the minimum water needed per day

As we already know, hydration starts from the inside and is achieved primarily through optimal water consumption. That minimum of two liters of water a day helps in a very important proportion to the efficient and healthy growth of the hair.

6. Get enough rest

Salmon is also very important in terms of hair growth because it tends to grow longer when our body is at rest. So, you sleep 8 hours a day because this way your energy will always be the same, your body will be healthier and your hair will grow faster.

7. Wear loose hair

Do you know that feeling of release when you pull your bra down? Well, this is how your hair feels when you give up the hair elastic and other accessories that effectively suffocate it. Once the hair is trapped, it can no longer breathe properly and this automatically slows down the growth. Also, free hair can be a nice hairstyle for long hair.

How to Make a Hairstyle for Long Hair – Voluminous Bun

Regarding hairstyles for long hair, although there are many that fit any length of hair, there are some that look best on long hair. Among the best long hairstyles, we find the voluminous bun. It is difficult to achieve on medium or even short hair because it will look unsightly, without volume. It is easy to make at home and you will definitely love it! Here are the steps to get such long hairstyles:

Step 1-2: Make two tails at the back of your head which you tie with a thin elastic that has a color as close to that of the hair. Then simply wrap them according to the twine pattern: split the hair in two and wrap one around the other. Also, use a fine elastic and as transparent as possible.

Step 3-4: Using your fingers, add more volume to the tails. Be careful, however, for the small strands that come out, fix them with a strong fixative spray. Then take a ponytail and twist it around the other, as in a bun, in the reverse direction of the clockwise. Then fasten it with bun needles until you are sure it is okay.

Step 5-6: You can hide the tip of the tail behind the bun. Then take the other tail and wrap it around the trapped one, in the same sense. Use enough bun needles for fixing it.

Step 7: Check what you have achieved with the help of a mirror. See if you need to add more volume or fixing hair strands. Fix the entire hairstyle with a spray.

Of course, there are a lot more hairstyles for long hair that you can try. All you have to do is to start experimenting and discovering which long hairstyles you like the most.

simple hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyles for long hair have always been the most admired. The long hairstyles seem to never get out of fashion and year after year, they maintain their popularity, because many celebrities are wearing them with attitude. If you have long hair or you want to grow it, inspire yourself from the gorgeous hairstyles for long hair which we present you in this article and you will not regret it!

Hairstyles for long hair are beautiful, no matter if the hair is straight or wavy. Once you find out what are the best long hairstyles for your face shape, you can try them – the results will be very satisfying. You may achieve even complicated hairstyles for long hair with the help of a professional stylist, or you might learn how to make them yourself, with special hair products, a lot of practice and patience.

Long hair offers so many styling options! You will never get tired of wearing various long hairstyles and you will be in the center of attention wherever you will go. Everybody will surely admire you for your beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

hairstyles for long hair

Straight hair

There are a lot of hairstyles for long hair you can give a try, especially for the straight one, because it is very easy to play within various styles. The long straight hair makes the face seem more luminous. You can add layers to flow down past your shoulders and choose a chic style that will be great, or cut angled ends.

A healthy hair looks very good by itself, so you can always opt for a classic style. If you want something simple, but not boring, we suggest you to swirl a piece of hair to have a contrasting appearance, or try to braid it in different manners, catch it (for example, in a cute ponytail), or brush it on one side. These hairstyles for long hair create an advantage for women with long straight hair.

long hairstyles Straight hair

Wavy hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, then you can style it in many ways, for example, half up, half down. Wavy hair usually looks as it has more volume than the regular straight one, so you might consider yourself lucky from this point of view. You can achieve many gorgeous hairstyles for long hair.

long hairstyles Wavy hair


The curls are fascinating and make every woman look like a princess. No matter if you have natural curls or you obtain them, the hairstyles for long hair with curls draw the attention and offer you a refreshing look.

long hairstyles Curls


The hairstyles for long hair with bangs are fantastic and elegant. They offer you a sophisticated, classy look, full of refinement. This year, the side-swept bangs is very trendy and sexy. Plus, the bangs give a new, modern twist to any blunt haircut…

If you want to cut a little bit of your long hair, but do not want a big change, a bangs is the right idea for you to try and see the awesome transformation and results; for example, you could opt for sleek blunt cut bangs, soft bangs round out at the temples, bold framing layers on the face – these make a bald statement. They are perfect hairstyles for long hair.

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