30+ New Dirty Blonde Hair Styles for a Provocative Look

Dirty blonde hair advantages, makeup advise for women with this kind of hair. Everything you need to know about dirty blonde hair.

Dirty blonde hair permanent VS semi-permanent dye, tutorial about how to make this color hair at home, pictures to inspire you.

Dirty blonde is one of the hardest shades of hair to get. At the same time, it is one of the most special shades of blonde. Advantages of dirty blonde hair, how we maintain it, and some tricks you will find in this article. You can also go through a hairstyle tutorial about how to get dirty blonde hair at home.

Dirty blonde is a mix of light blonde color and a dark one. The appearance of this shade of hair may seem quite natural, so many ladies who have been dyed in this shade are asked if it is their natural color. The dirty blonde hair has its moment in the season autumn-winter 2020-2021, perfectly matching the state of the season, a shade that embraces the effort and natural beauty.

girls with dirty blonde hair

It is the ideal transition color from summer to the cold season, offering a relaxed vibe for the autumn and winter months. Models were seen having wavy hair in this shade, a luxurious alternative compared to other colors, deeper shades were seen at the roots and having natural glows, darker roots and sun blond in the rest.

Dirty blonde hair is a shade quite difficult to obtain, even in the salon. Therefore, it is not recommended to try to get this type of blonde at home, because the chances are small enough that the result is the one you want.

Below are some essential reasons why it is recommended to dye your hair in the salon:

– Of course, dyeing at home means saving time, money. To the same extent, however, we can bring up, from the first moment, as a counter-argument, the fact that the products in the salon are professional and are part of a care protocol.

– So, we quickly come to the second argument in favor of the salon: expertise.

– For the same reason why you come to the salon for trimming: once you get here, you leave yourself in the hands of an expert who works every day with the color palette. Mastering the art of coloring is not as simple as you think. That is why, at a high level, there are stylists and technicians of color who go through intensive and refined workshops (and customized exams) in order to have the right to cut and paint).

girl with dirty blonde hair

One of the biggest “shortcomings” of home dyeing is the lack of variants. We have only one color in the box for all the variants of natural shades we have. In the case of the salon, we have a variety of basic shades that are mixed according to the color typical of each of you.

To the same extent, the colorist knows the correct color application protocol. Do you still know those moments in which the color loses its brightness very quickly, or the tips become darker than the roots? These are due to the fact that we apply the paint alone at home, with a formula that is general for all hair types and shades.

– On the other hand, dyeing in the salon takes time and costs much more than dyeing at home. However, benefit from expert advice and know-how and minimize the risk of affecting your hair. The correct application implies a long life of the dye on the hair – prolonged and by subsequent maintenance. In addition, the technician is able to create effects from shades minimizing, as the color goes and the hair grows, the impact of the dilution. When we dye in the hatch, we aim to keep the air as fresh as possible. And this is maintained through care products and the technique used. Sometimes, the growth line is not even noticed.

dirty blonde short hair

Advantages of Dirty Blonde Hair

1. The dirty blonde hair fits any shade of skin

White skin can look a little too pale if you are brunette, and blonde hair loses its personality if you have a tan face. But women with dirty blonde hair have no such problems! With dirty blonde hair, healthy and properly groomed, you are a princess all year long.

2. Dirty blonde hair looks good in any color

As dirty blonde hair goes with any skin tone, why wouldn’t it go with any color of clothing? When you have dirty blonde hair, you do not have to shake your head too much with what suits you and not because the owners of this hair color never fail in the clothing chapter.

3. If needed, you can get lost in the crowd

Hypothetically speaking, what chances do you think you would have to get rid of some pursuers with a golden or red hair like fire? With such colors, it would be impossible to make yourself unseen!

But women with dirty blonde hair are experts in camouflage! If they get tired of the interlocutor and they want to disappear, they will do so without the slightest effort. That is why, if you have dirty blonde hair and you wanted to become a spy, you are already on the right track!

4. The sun is your friend

Black hair is black, and so, but the dirty blonde hair changes in all the colors of the rainbow over a year!

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, and the changes are not so radical. But admit it, haven’t you noticed that the color of your hair differs greatly depending on sun exposure?

5. Youth without old age

Dirty blonde hair does not get white easily! The lighter your hair is, the chances of getting white hair from a young age are slighter. Much weaker!

dirty blonde ombre hair

Everything you need to know about dirty blonde hair

Dirty blonde hair has the tendency to make the hair thicker and brighter. There are many shades to choose from, depending on your skin and what you want. It is best to talk to a stylist. It can guide you to choose the most appropriate color, without fail. Once you have chosen the basic color, you can also opt for other shades that surround a few strands.

The shades opened by the dirty blonde hair are suitable for both people with a warm skin tone and those with cold skin tone. If you want blonde strands, light hair color is perfect as a base shade. For warm skin tones, medium blonde hair is also suitable.

If you have olive skin, a chocolate hue is perfect for you. Chocolate is ideal for women with brown eyes. People with darker skin tones can opt for intense chocolate hues and a few golden hues to create an extraordinary look.

If you want to have highlights or ombre, the situation becomes a little delicate because the basic shade must allow this. Gold is the color that best complements the chain, but if you are looking for a bold look, red is also a good option. At the same time, reddish-colored roots are very popular among women with dirty blonde hair.

To care for dirty blonde hair, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner, especially for dyed hair, to protect the color. Also, don’t forget that the sun and weather conditions can affect dyed hair, so use hair care products. Leave it as long as possible, and wrap it in a wide tail in the evening to avoid split ends.

dirty blonde highlights on dark brown hair

Makeup Advise for Women with Dirty Blonde Hair

1. The perfect foundation for the dirty blonde hair

Dirty blonde hair is very lively and needs a neat complexion to leave a harmonious impression. Therefore, you must choose a product that perfectly covers the small imperfections, without creating the impression of a real mask. You can use small strings to achieve great effects: the skin funds with a slight pink tint “visually” removes the tired skin, and more yellow hiding the redness. Otherwise, a neutral beige is perfect for you.

2. The eye makeup for dirty blonde hair

The shades of brown and gray are as wonderful as an eyeshadow. You can experiment with subtle shades of red or yellow, found in mahogany or mocha. However, the color of the eyes is decisive:

– The blue-eyed browns look good especially with light shades of gray and purple.
– Green eyes look good with camel, beige-yellow or green as fresh muscle.
– Gray eyes are enhanced by a khaki or pink-brown eye shadow.

Warning: if your eyes are already red, avoid shades of red or purple. Rather choose browns and grays, and do not forget to make up your eyebrows. They are very important for the overall impression. Use shades of brown-gray (if you have a cooler dirty blonde hair) or warm-brown (for a reddish dirty blonde hair).

3. Red accents for dirty blonde hair

Red gives vitality to the face and it can be used for careful accents. The browns are complemented by shades of pink, especially if they are slightly brown in them. Avoid apricot and peach colors, they will make you look older, and your skin will look more lifeless.

Also, pay attention to the orange blush, especially if you do not have the perfect complexion: it draws attention to imperfections and pale skin. You can’t go wrong with bronzers, either to give your face a glow or for accents. However, use them moderately and carefully, so as not to suffer from an unwanted gloss or discrepant color between the skin and the neck.

4. Women with dirty blonde hair can have more fun with the color of lipstick

If there is someone who can wear bright red lipstick, women who have dirty blonde hair are our first choice. Bright red is a good choice, but be careful not to have blue tones. You will look great with ripe plum lips or a delicate shade of dirty pink. If your hair has reddish reflections, try terracotta and cinnamon lipstick. Avoid light pink and pearl shades, because they “take” from the vitality of your gorgeous dirty blonde hair.

dirty blonde hair with lowlights

Permanent VS Semi-permanent Dye


– The chosen shade is lighter than the natural one (the pigments penetrate into the hair, and the peroxide allows the color to open with a few shades, but also a more pronounced closing).
– You promise to stay true to the moisturizing and regenerating treatments for the hair because the hair colored with ammonia-based paint tends to become dehydrated.
– You are firmly convinced that you want the color for which you have chosen, and you will not want to open it in the next years.
– You have enough white threads (you can alternate the permanent dye with the other one, for continuity).

HINT: The hair should not be freshly washed when you color it with permanent dye. The natural oils produced by the scalp between the washings will protect both the scalp and the hair during the painting, without affecting the action of the color.

short dirty blonde hair


– You intend to color your hair or just define the natural color and give it shine or reflexes.
– You have sensitive hair, thin, dehydrated, degraded hair, or simply do not want to undergo chemical treatment.
– You are not very determined about the change of look, or you are not sure that it will look good (the color fades after 12-14 washes).
– Do not put your hand in the fire as you will not want to lighten the color of your hair in the near future.

HINT: Your hair needs to be freshly washed in order to get a deep color. Start by dyeing the hair from the forehead to the neck, to ensure that the roots will withstand more discoloration.

natural dirty blonde hair

How to Make Dirty Blonde Hair at Home – Tutorial

If you feel that the basic color of dirty blonde hair is not enough for you or you are bored with it but still do not want a radical change, frozen highlights are the perfect solution. These will highlight your features and are also unique.

What you need:
– Highlighting kit
– Gloves
– Hairbrush
– Conditioner and shampoo


  1. First, you have to mix the dye very well, according to the instructions given on the kit.
  2. Put on the highlighting cap and also the gloves.
  3. Start by pulling thin sections of hair through the cap holes with the help of the tool that was inside the kit.
  4. When you are done with the placement of your strands, you can start applying dye to them. Make sure you don’t miss some sections of the strands.
  5. Leave the dye on for the time indicated on the kit.
  6. Remove the cap and wash your hair quickly with conditioner and shampoo…
  7. Your highlights are done!

dirty blonde hair with highlights dirty blonde hair with brown highlights dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights dirty blonde hair natural dirty blonde hair green eyes dirty blonde hair girl dirty blonde hair colors dirty blonde hair color dirty blonde hair color ideas dirty blonde hair blue eyes dirty blonde hair blue eyes girl dirty blonde hair blue eyes female dirty blonde curly hair dirty blonde brown hair dark dirty blonde hair curly dirty blonde hair blonde highlights on dirty blonde hair blonde highlights in dirty blonde hair blonde highlights for dirty blonde hair balayage on dirty blonde hair

long dirty blonde hair light dirty blonde hair light brown dirty blonde hair highlights for dirty blonde hair