Smoothie diet

Posted on Sep 9 2014 - 3:18pm by Jennifer

Smoothie diet is a weight loss program based on vegetable and fruit cocktails. The smoothie diet is preferred by overweight people who need to lose weight, but who also require vitamins and minerals in order to maintain a good health. In this article, we inform you about this healthy regime.

Smoothie diet

Smoothie diet has a lot of benefits, because the smoothies you consume are not only simple juices. These drinks represent, in fact, a healthy nutrition plan which contains vegetables, fruits, dairy products and cereals. Some of these ingredients are used in high quantities, while other are used with moderation (cereals). During the smoothie diet you can lose a lot of extra weight. As mentioned above, you have to consume fruits, vegetables and other foods with few calories. You have to use ingredients that help you lose weight and burn fats. The ingredients you use for your smoothies will make you feel full, will help your digestion and contain many nutrients, vitamins and minerals which maintain a good overall health.

What ingredients should you eat during the smoothie diet

You can choose the fruits and vegetables you use for your smoothies. Opt for your favourite ones but try to include citrus fruits, because they contain few calories.
You should avoid bananas and grapes, because they contain many calories.

How much can you eat during a day

When you are on a smoothie diet you should eat many fruits and vegetables every day. Eat at least 2-3 kg of fruits and vegetables/day if you want to stay healthy and if you want to maintain a normal energy level.

Who can follow a smoothie diet

Not everyone can follow the smoothie diet. People suffering from bulimia, anorexia can’t follow this weight loss program. Also, people with GI problems, liver and kidney illness should think twice before starting the smoothie diet. Nursing and pregnant women can’t follow this kind of diets because it can affect the child.

There are many smoothie diet variants. We’ll present you 3 of these variants:

• The 4 week smoothie diet
This diet will help you lose 7 kilos:

Breakfast: smoothie made of sweet fruits and milk mixed with 100 g of cereals

10 o’clock snack: fruit and milk smoothie

Lunch: 200-250 g cheese and one glass of vegetable smoothie

4 pm snack: fruit and milk smoothie

Dinner: 250 g of cheese and one fruit and oatmeal smoothie

• 2 day Smoothie diet
During this diet you can lose 2 kilos.

Breakfast: a smoothie made of green vegetable, fruits and grain germs. You can use oranges, grapefruits and kiwis

10 o’clock snack: vegetable smoothie

Lunch: a smoothie made of: blackberries, currants, blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries, rice milk and a few almonds

4 pm snack: a smoothie made of: blackberries, currants, blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears

Dinner: one cup of plain yogurt and one banana.

7 days Smoothie diet
This option helps you lose 3 – 4 kilos.

Breakfast: banana, milk and oatmeal smoothie.

10 o’clock snack: fruit and greens smoothie

Lunch: berries, oranges, milk and grain germs smoothie.

4 pm snack: vegetable smoothie

Dinner: fruit, vegetable and milk smoothie.

Chose the best option which suits your needs and if you consider you can use weight this way, start a smoothie diet today.