Slow carb diet by Tim Ferries

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 3:26pm by Jennifer

Slow carb diet was created by Tim Ferries, who presented it in his very popular book called “The 4 – Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat–Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman”, which was sold in a large number of copies.

Slow carb diet by Tim Ferries

Let’s find out more about the slow carb diet in this article. Read carefully the information we will provide  you in the next lines, and feel free to decide if this weight loss diet is what you need in order to look and feel great, but in the same time to maintain your health.

Slow carb diet plan is focused on those specific foods which are good for your body and really efficient in the weight loss process. These foods are the ones rich in complex carbs like vegetables, greens and high quality proteins. Tim Ferris’s book presents this diet in a very detailed manner, for a better understanding. This is how we find out that this regime is original and its author assures us that we will lose 10 kilos in just one month.

During this diet, you have to give up on foods like rice, pasta, cereals, potatoes and fried foods. This way you will lose the extra weight very fast, but in a balanced and healthy manner.

When you are following the slow carb diet, it is recommended to eat 3 or 4 of your favourite dishes during the 30 days necessary for this regime. Only this way, you can lose the extra weight. Sodas, mineral water and juices are not permitted during the slow carb diet, because these kinds of beverages contain extra calories which will add to your daily intake.

During the slow carb diet, you can drink some red wine, but only one glass per day. That is the only alcoholic drink you can have when you are on this diet and you must not drink more than it is permitted.

What else can you eat during the slow carb diet

Here are some foods you have to include in your diet during the slow carb diet, in order to beneficiate from the most effective results:

–    egg whites
–    poultry meat
–    fish
–    organic beef meat
–    beans
–    soy beans
–    spinach
–    broccoli
–    tomatoes
–    avocadoes

One important thing you must take into consideration is that during this weight loss diet you can’t eat too many fruits. You are allowed to eat some of them, but only once a week. This regime is efficient and you will be happy to see the results.

Menu example for the slow carb diet

Breakfast ( at 10 a.m.):
–    egg whites omelet with tomatoes and canned red beans

Lunch (at 1 p.m.):
–    grilled chicken with broccoli and green beans and canned lentils

Snack (at 5 p.m.):
–    tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, celery and chicken salad; if you want, you can use beef of grilled fish instead of the chicken meat

Dinner (at 8 p.m.):
–    steamed fish with broccoli and lentils