Protein diet to lose weight

Posted on Sep 9 2014 - 3:11pm by Jennifer

Protein diet consists in consuming many foods which contain a lot of proteins and very few carbs. We decided to help you with some useful information about this healthy regime. This way it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to follow it or not.

Protein diet

Protein diet is efficient and even those used to eat a lot of meat can follow it. During a protein diet you are not allowed to eat cereals, fruits and vegetables. Find out everything about the protein diet and pay attention to the next lines.

How many proteins can you eat during a day

The normal daily protein intake of a person varies between 12-18%. People who want to lose weight have to eat at least 50% proteins/day. You can get the necessary proteins from meat, eggs, low-fat cheese. That is why a protein diet may not be as safe as you think. If you can’t eat fruits and vegetables, your body won’t receive some important nutrients and vitamins. This is a fact you should take into consideration before starting a protein diet.

How does the protein diet work

When you drastically reduce the carb intake you will start losing weight very fast. You will lose all your water weight. Then you will continue to lose weight because your body will attack your fat deposits in order to maintain a high energy level. The protein diet has many advantages, because the protein foods you eat keep you full for a long time. It is a diet you should try!

Possible side effects of the protein diet

When you will start losing the weight you could experience some headaches, irritability, dizziness and some people can even experience renal or cardiovascular problems. So you have to pay some attention and if any of these symptoms appear you should stop following this diet.

Some doctors and nutritionists really don’t approve this diet, because they consider that high protein foods also contain many fats. This leads to high cholesterol and to a higher risk of heart failure.

There is another variant of this protein diet that consists in eating more protein foods, less carbs and some fruits and vegetables. Using this variant of the protein diet, your body isn’t deprived of the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

What can you eat during the protein diet?
When you decide to follow the protein diet you should fill you fridge with proteins, mainly animal ones. The main sources of proteins are:

–    Beef meat – grilled or cooked in the oven (not fried)

–    Chicken meat – grilled or cooked in the oven (also not fried)

–    Pork meat – not too much and prepared without any oil

–    Fish – you can eat as much fish meat as you like. Fish contains many proteins, healthy fats and Omega – 3 acids witch protect you against heart problems, arthritis and cancer. You can even eat salmon and tuna.

–    Eggs – although eggs contain cholesterol, you can eat one egg/day.

–    Soy – it helps your muscles

–    Beans – very rich in proteins and healthy fibers

–    Non-fat or low-fat dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt

–    Fruits and vegetables rich in proteins: mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, peas, oranges, pomelo, kiwi and any red fruits

–    Seeds and nuts: peanuts, pistachios, almonds, sesame , pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Now that you know all the pros and cons of the protein diet, you can decide if you want to follow it or not. It’s up to you!