DASH diet – the healthiest diet in the world

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 9:38pm by Jennifer

Have you heard about the DASH diet? Recent studies have shown that this diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. The DASH diet promises you will have a beautiful flat belly in no time. This diet is not a very strict one and it doesn’t require intense exercises or eating unhealthy products.

DASH diet

The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This means this program was originally created for people with high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. This regime also prevents diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. But this is not all! More and more people choose to adopt this diet, because it can help them lose weight in a very short period of time.

Is the DASH diet safe?

Yes, this regime is very safe. Many researches have shown that the program doesn’t have secondary effects on your health. The DASH diet accelerates the metabolism and it guarantees you a healthy weight loss.

DASH diet stages

The DASH diet has 2 main stages. The first stage lasts for 2 weeks. During these first 2 weeks your metabolism will change and will increase its function because you will only eat foods with low carbs.

There are some rules you have to follow during the first stage of the DASH diet. You can eat meat, fish and chicken, but your portions can’t be bigger than your palm.

These are some other foods which are good for you during this stage:
1.    Beans
2.    Soy
3.    Low fat cheese
4.    Eggs
5.    Low fat yogurt
6.    Avocado
7.    Nuts and seeds
8.    Vegetable oils, olive oil

These are the products you should avoid:
1.    Bread
2.    Pasta
3.    Potatoes
4.    Butter
5.    Alcohol
6.    Coffee
7.    Milk

The second stage of the DASH diet involves loosing the extra weight and maintaining the new weight. You have to eat all the foods mentioned in the first stage, but you can include whole cereals and fruits in your portions. This means that you can start eating a slice of whole grain bread, brown rice, baked potatoes.

During this stage of the DASH diet you have to exercise more and maybe start taking aerobic lessons. Physical activities are very important during the second stage of this regime. You will see how the extra weight melts down if you follow the rules mentioned above. This stage will take a little longer.

You have to know a very important fact: this second stage may become your new lifestyle. If you want to maintain a normal weight and if you want to stay healthy for the rest of your life, you can keep eating according to the DASH diet…

Examples of menus for the Dash diet:

Breakfast: an omelet with a tiny slice of beef and sliced tomatoes
Snack 1: a cup of low-fat yogurt and 10 nuts
Lunch: grilled chicken breast with lettuce salad made with oil and vinegar
Snack 2: a table spoon of peanut butter with celery sticks or guacamole
Dinner: beef burger with steamed vegetables
Desert: a cup of unsweetened jelly

Breakfast: a boiled egg with 2 slices of grilled bacon and a small cup of tomato juice
Snack 1: a slice of low fat cheese with a portion of carrots
Lunch: – canned tuna with light mayonnaise, peppers and onions
– a big lettuce salad with oil and vinegar
Snack 2: a tablespoon of hummus and chopped veggies
Dinner: one portion of fried salmon with Chinese vegetables
Desert: one cup of unsweetened jelly