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Blood type diet

by Jennifer
Blood type diet

The blood type diet was created by a naturopath named Peter J. D’Adamo. He presented his innovative idea in his book called “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. The blood type diet became more and more popular and today, many people decide to follow this program because of its many benefits.

Blood type diet

It has been shown that the blood type diet has beneficial effects on your health and it can also help you lose the extra weight in an effective manner.

How does the blood type diet work?

It is well known that each blood type has different characteristics which influence eating habits, resistance to stress, predisposition for certain illnesses, personality, etc. Peter D’Adamo claims that foods react chemically with your blood type and that is why you should eat only products which your body can digest faster.

The blood type diet recommends that you eat fresh and organic foods. You will soon see how the extra kilos will start to melt and your overall health will improve as well.

Is this diet really effective?

While some people think the blood type diet really works, other consider the things are not really like that. Some researchers claim there can exist situations in which two people with the same blood type can have different metabolisms and they can lose weight in different ways. These researchers also claim that losing weight and maintaining a good health depend only on healthy and balanced eating habits.

But even if there are some negative opinions about the blood type diet, many people decide that it is the perfect regime.

Main principle of the blood type diet

The blood type diet is based on the eating needs that people have according to their blood type. It seams that blood types indicate our ancestors dietary habits:

A-2 blood type: these were farmers who ate many vegetable products
B-3 blood type: these were omnivorous people who ate dairy, vegetables and meat
0-1 blood type: these were hunters who ate many animal proteins
AB-4 blood type: these were people who had A-2 and  B-3 blood type eating habits.

What can you eat during the blood type diet?

Here are recommended foods for each blood type. Pay attention and find out what you can eat during this diet.

0-1 blood type

People with 0-1 blood type like to exercise a lot. They prefer aerobics, jogging, contact sports. They eat many animal proteins like poultry, meat or fish and avoid dairy products, cereals and carbs. These people have an increased gastric acidity and they have to maintain it under control. That is why these people should eat many fruits. Only following these rules, people with 0-1 blood type will lose weight.

 A-2 blood type

People with A-2  blood type prefer vegetables and fruits. These are the products recommended during the blood type diet. People with  A-2 blood type should eat more beans, legumes, whole grains. Those used to meat products will lose weight fast during this kind of diet. Physical exercises are also recommended for these people.

B-3 blood type

These people are omnivorous and should have a balanced, healthy and diversified diet. People with B-3 blood type can eat dairy products and should avoid corn, wheat, tomatoes, sesame seeds. During this diet people with B-3 blood type should also have physical activities but they shouldn’t exaggerate.

AB-4 blood type

People with AB-4 blood type have low gastric acidity and can’t metabolize meat. That is why these people should avoid meat products. They should also avoid alcohol and coffee. They are allowed to eat tofu, sea food, dairy, beans, peas and other vegetables. If they want to lose more weight, they should also eat fish like salmon or tuna and nuts and seeds…

Now you have all the information you need on the blood type diet. We don’t know if this is the right diet for you, but we think that you should try it. We are sure that you will see its results very fast.

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