Daily Horoscope 31 October 2019 for all signs

Daily Horoscope 31 October 2019: The daily horoscope for all signs shows that Aries will be surprised by the positive response of a certain person, Cancer will make the best decision, and everything will be clarified for Aquarius. Let’s see the daily horoscope for each zodiac sign.


When people extol the benefits of making good eye contact, they are really talking about looking beyond what happens in someone’s eyes. If we look closely, we can see what is going through their heads. But right now you do not need to develop psychic powers. You already have the ability to feel empathy and enough emotional intelligence to get the insight you need. If you adopt an optimistic perspective of a difficult situation today, you will be surprised by the positive response of a certain person.


For some people, there is not a single mystery in the universe that does not come to be understood over time. Others believe that the cosmos is a paradox in which all the answers only lead to more questions. This is a simple way to define the difference between scientific and artistic minds. However, we all have a mixture of these two qualities, which is fine! Your practical side is about to be inspired by an idea that seems irrational. All you need to do is trust, and then do what seems right to you.


Artists create something from nothing. Whether composing pop songs or symphonies, scribbling or drawing a still life, writing lists or novels, they start with a general idea and work with it as it becomes tangible. Many of us adopt the same process and apply it to our concerns. So we create problems instead of inspiring solutions. Now that Venus and Mercury have changed sign, your creative powers are being emphasized. Make sure you focus on the positive.


You have been trying to make a decision for some time. You’ve been weighing the pros and cons and asking for advice from the people you trust, but you’re not sure if you’re getting something clear. However, you have to act. It does not make any sense to let this situation continue. Now your ruler Mercury can reactivate the energy of Pluto and Saturn to help you move forward. But first, you have to stop focusing on what has been. You know, deep down, what is the best decision. It is time for you to put it into practice.


We are contradictory creatures. Even within our own minds, we think differently about how to proceed with an idea. We think that we are going the right way and the next minute we think exactly the opposite. It is disturbing that within a person there can be so much disagreement. The ability to handle those different parts of our mind is the key to a direct and tangible advance. This weekend, as Mercury is linked to Saturn, you may have to leave room for a part of you that you do not hear often.


The feeling that someone is really listening to you and that they are paying attention to the way you really feel is precious. Knowing that we can speak from the heart, without being judged, brings comfort and healing. Studies show that we tend to listen to the people who listen to us for a longer time. Lately, you have been so busy that there has been almost no time to chat, let alone listen; you need to talk and you have not had much time to do it. If you show a certain person that you are ready to listen to, that will change.


None of us know who we really are. We know who we pretend to be. We know what roles we represent and the work we do. We understand, at least to some extent, the impact we have on others and on who they think we are. But the expectations of other people tend to limit our possibilities. You would behave differently if you felt free of them. And the same is true for someone whose path has crossed with yours. If you can be aware of the pressures under which others are now, yours will begin to dissipate.


Do we always follow our instincts and do what we believe they are right? We do so most of the time. However, we do something that we know is wrong sometimes, but we convince ourselves that there is something right about it. Other times we choose to do something that others think is wrong because it seems right to us. Or, we could have done something wrong that was worth it, so we are tempted to do it again. It is not at all easy to choose the right thing. So trust your instincts today.


Looking at the past is not the same as burying your head in the sand. Of course, there is always the possibility that some pink crystals fog our opinion. But even when we look back, there are new horizons to see. They say that if we do not study history we are condemned to repeat it; and that we can learn from past successes, as well as from mistakes. Although it is time to make certain changes, you can passionately cling to the essence of something good.


When we are very hungry, the need to find food becomes a priority. When something hurts, all we can think about is relieving that pain. But when we have eaten, or our headache has passed, neither food nor analgesics are of interest to us. Our needs and wishes may be subject to sudden changes. However, sometimes it takes a while for us to find ourselves again and we continue looking for things we no longer need. It is worthwhile to check and make sure that you are not looking for a solution that you no longer need.


It is the time to fasten your seat belt. The truth is that nobody is going anywhere. At this moment you seem to be aware of the infinite possibilities, which is not easy when you are also full of indecision. It is as if you are surrounded by people who are determined to make firm and direct statements that are both unpredictable and inappropriate. Luckily you are not in a hurry. Since you do not know what to do, do not do anything. Wait. Everything will be clarified…


You feel the need for a change in your life, for example, like taking a break. It is not an easy balance to achieve and it could give the impression that the advice is contradictory. But it is not as crazy as it seems. The bond of Jupiter and Saturn requires you to come back to some of the decisions you have made. That does not mean admitting that you were wrong. But it will illuminate which of your thoughts you can justify morally and defend passionately.