Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 for all signs: Gemini will make quite a few compromises

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019: The daily horoscope for all signs shows that Gemini will make quite a few compromises, Libra should open their soul, and Aquarius want to relax. Here is the daily astrological forecast for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Aries

The relationships in your life are quite restrictive and you may argue with some people. Today’s incidents test your ability to forgive. You are put into uncomfortable positions because of a person whose sole purpose is to irritate you.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Taurus

The limits you have imposed over time have transformed your way of living into a kind of fortress. Although you have a well-structured system of values, you sometimes feel that your morality is no longer at the same level.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Gemini

Saturn is restrictive and dictates your actions; you make quite a few compromises today. Some things happen in your life and take you by surprise. You invest a lot of emotion in your personal relationship, and yet you do not share the fulfillment you dream about.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Cancer

The loved person or even the one you work with is likely to surprise you today. Your life gets the color once you leave aside all the prejudices that have always dictated your actions. This day is under the clear influence of Mars. Everything around you seems to work in your favor.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Leo

The risks you sometimes take are not understood by the others. You really like to get out of your life’s trajectory and always push your existence forward with adrenaline. You anticipate with discretion the actions of your loved one to avoid that they feel controlled.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Virgo

Although you have many ideas to put into practice, you feel stuck. To do something, anything, you always need to confirm the others. The atmosphere is precipitating quite a bit in the office because banal conflicts occur at every step. None of the colleagues opt for understanding and flexibility.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Libra

Open your soul! Even if you do not feel it, you are able to make the change you need to have a new beginning. The tension that has accumulated lately is spreading. It all comes out in a much clearer way.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Scorpio

If you are in a relationship, you feel unhappy with what the next person wants you to. You always come to disregard the needs of others. The beginning of this day is quite promising from a professional point of view. Things happen the way you designed them.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Sagittarius

You feel trapped in the past and the memories are hurting you. Some choices you make have no logical foundation. Those around you are intrigued by self-destructive behavior. You are the only person in your entourage who always chooses a dangerous lifestyle.

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Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Capricorn

You are unhappy with the money you earn today. You think you do not get enough money for how much you work, so you start thinking about a business plan on your own. You are happy to spend beautiful moments at home with the person you love.

Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Aquarius

Everything you want today is to relax. You are nostalgic and you spend your whole day daydreaming of the person who stole your heart. You imagine how it would be to spend some romantic moments together in a remote place. Maybe it is the right time to make plans for a short trip…

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Daily Horoscope 29 November 2019 Pisces

You may not feel comfortable today because you are vulnerable. You feel fragile and you keep your guard down. We encourage you to be honest with yourself and ask for help from someone you trust. That person will be near you and will help you overcome these difficult moments.