Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019: Sagittarius has very firm principles they rely on

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019: The daily horoscope for all signs shows that Virgo does not feel able to deal with the fiery disputes around them today and they prefer to stay in their place, Sagittarius has very firm principles they rely on, and Capricorn values their family. Let’s see what is most likely to happen to each zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Aries

Your heart smiles with satisfaction because you managed to solve a series of issues that have been bothering you. You have reasons for full satisfaction because the solution you have reached has been long ago indicated by you. It’s a pleasure – slightly malicious – to tell others that you did so once, but they did not want to listen to you.

Now they finally arrived at your opinion and it is normal for the jubilee. Do not preach them anymore, thank yourself with the idea that you were right and that your superiority is finally recognized.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Taurus

The news that comes to your ears today sounds a little bleak, but you should not worry. There is a compensation law that says when a life plan goes wrong, sure things are going very well in another direction. That’s what you have to find now, that plan where you only have reasons for joy and optimism because you can use it very well to overcome the emotion generated by the bad news.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Gemini

Look what’s out there! The effects of the sun and the clear sky will be miraculous, and in your case, it’s about health and movement. Take time for a shorter or longer walk, or, if you are active, do sport, go anywhere you want for a day of action and joy.

The kids will pull you out, so do not think you’ll be sitting in front of the TV today, but you have to make time for an exit. It will be better than you can think, so do not be comfortable: enjoy the day!

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Cancer

The collective effort you have brought to your contribution has reached a point where success is already being met! Do not forget that you would not have been here without those around you, so the most motivating thing is to appreciate each other openly, to recognize each role in this approach, which, behold, is approaching the level hoped for by everyone.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Leo

You stand for some time with a certain statement on your lips and you still have no courage to express it freely. You are a little afraid of the impact of your words, and you prefer to keep silent for the moment, waiting for the right time to express your opinion. It is like you must have to say the last word in a situation and you are still not well prepared.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Virgo

You do not feel able to deal with the fiery disputes around you today and you prefer to stay in your place, but no matter how tolerant you are, however eager for harmony and peace, you will still be annoyed.

You will endure as long as you resist without getting involved, but you will still open your mouth to express your point of view, diametrically opposed to what you already have in the competition.

If you could shut it down, it would be perfect, because the others will not correctly understand your views and may ally against you. Silence is gold… in some situations!

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Libra

It’s a wonderful day in front of you, take advantage of the sunshine, of joy, of the motives to celebrate around you, because you have enough! Maybe the children are the source of your happiness because whenever you stand around them, you can even charge your positive energy batteries.

Smile, be free to play, whatever your age because the child in you sometimes asks to be allowed to manifest freely. Such a relaxed, uncompromising atmosphere of norms, limits of age or social status will prove to be exactly the balsam that you needed to forget about the problems. Children do not care: be like them, at least for a day!

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Scorpio

Nothing is accidental, not even the emotions of this day. You feel more special as if they want something to announce or warn you, so you should not ignore what comes from the depths of your soul. Today you will ask more often: what does that mean? Think, you’ll find the answers yourself!

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Sagittarius

You have the very firm principles you rely on, you do not change your opinion from one state to another, as the wind blows. You may hear from some people that it is a sign of stubbornness, stiffness, fear of change, but there is nothing of all this: it’s your grounding in what you really believe!

Do not deviate from your own truth and fight to prove it by the most correct means. You do not accept others to question your statements as long as they are documented, argued and supported with clear evidence!

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Capricorn

The family is very important to you and you also include it, very seriously, in your great plans for the future. Some of your most intense desires go to family comfort – for example, to move into a more spacious home – or maybe to raise your family soon, because it is very possible to become a parent (again, eventually).

You have great hopes and ambitions, not just for your own person, but the family’s harmony is now the focus of attention.

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Aquarius

Stop clinging to any superstition, saying that he announces who knows what disasters because you exaggerate with your fears. You see enemies everywhere, it seems to you that any word hides a negative intent, as wherever you take it and whatever you do, it will all go wrong, but it’s nothing but a negative attitude you develop to the extreme.

Give up this permanently critical, permanently negative attitude, as if everything is terrible around you because what you are emitting, you attract. Enough fear, worries, dangers, and problems, they reflect back to you with even greater power! Begin to see around you beautiful details: the sun shines, someone smiles, and you get something good…

Daily Horoscope 22 November 2019 Pisces

You are appreciated for what you have done with the others, so do not forget to be kind, generous in words of praise, because they are the reward that delights you all and pushes you further. Maybe the time has come to say a yes or no to a capital question: whether you accept or not a job, whether you refuse or not an offer.