Can You Beat Courteney Cox in A Game of Friends Trivia?

How huge of a Friends fan are you? Have you seen a couple of episodes? Every single one, several times? Apparently, despite your degree of knowledge with the program, you can undoubtedly take Monica herself (Courteney Cox) in a video game of facts.

During a section on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s home YouTube program on Wednesday (March 25), Cox revealed that she’s been investing a lot of her time in the house lately enjoying the prominent comedy that she, you understand, starred in.

“I decided during this time — people love the show so much — I decided to binge-watch «Friends»,” Cox stated about her decision. And you understand what? She likes it!

“I just began season 1. It’s truly excellent!” So, it’s excellent she takes pleasure in enjoying something she assisted in developing and everything related to it. But as it ends up, her memory of really remaining in Friends is fairly corroded.

“I don’t even remember being on the show. I have such a bad memory,” Cox stated of her time on Friends. “I remember loving everybody there, and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there. But I don’t remember episodes. I would never pass. I fail every test.”

But excellent ol’ “Monica” is tenacious to discover as high as she can by the end of our entire social distancing initiatives…

“By the end of this quarantine, I’m going to know so much more,” Cox promised. Let’s stay enthusiastic that we will not be required to remain inside the house as long as it would undoubtedly take Cox to view the whole run of Friends… or if she does wind up experiencing it, it does not make us the length of 10 seasons ‘ well worth of seeing time in actual time to surpass this tight spot. In the meanwhile, Cox will certainly be cleaning up on all that Friends expertise.