60 Surprising Blue Hair Color Photos + Dye Tutorial

Blue hair tips, why naturally human hair is different than blue, celebrities who have marked this trend. Shades of blue hair you can try, how to remove blue dye.

Blue hair dye step-by-step tutorial, various types of blue you can try for your hair, photos to inspire you in choosing the right blue hairstyles that suit you.

Blue hair. which is also named denim hair, is a new trend in hairstyling which has taken over the internet, rages on Instagram and blogs of beauty enthusiasts, and it is announced to be one of the main trends in hair coloring for 2020 spring.

For this reason, this article is going to be about blue hair, some history about it, and also some answered questions you have at least once asked yourself. Also, you will learn how to dye your hair blue at home.

purple and blue hair

Blue hair is a risky choice. If you choose a color like blue, you have to accept that many people will stare at you on the street. They will not stop looking at you for 5 seconds, but will look like an alien, even if they are aware that you see them. The kids will be nice and admire you, the old people will compliment you, some people will ask you how did you get that color, but most will just stare. It can get annoying at some point, but you have to know what to expect if you want to wear blue hair.

We dye or hair because our natural hair seems to have a very banal shade, because another color would suit us better, because we want to stand out, or because we like to experiment. Regardless of why you want to dye your hair in a color that many find weird, you need to consider a few things before taking this step.

purple blue hair

Tips for the Perfect Hair

Let’s talk a little about hair care. Yes, your chances of having damaged hair are higher if you bleach and/or a dye it, but as long as you know how to take care of your hair, you will have no problems. Apply hair masks, whether commercial or homemade, trim your tips when needed, use heat protection products if you want to use the hairdryer, hair straightener or curler, etc. Curly hair is happy hair!

Also, you won’t ruin your hair if you bleach it once. You simply do not have to be afraid of it, there is no reason why it could happen. I bleached every single time and had no problems and I know enough other girls who did this in their own bathroom. You will need to bleach once all the length of your hair, then you will bleach only at the roots, when appropriate.

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Then, there is no permanent paint purple, pink, green or blue, but only semi-permanent. It will come out of the hair depending on how well you applied it, how often you washed your hair, how long you stayed in the sun if the used dye is of quality, and more. Also, depending on the hue you choose, you will have to paint yourself more or less often. This is also the case of blue hair.

royal blue hair

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If you want a pastel hue, for example, you will have to paint a little more often, because it will be noticed immediately. If you want a fiery blue hair, it will lose its intensity, but it will still be visible, so you won’t have to dye it so often.

Especially if you have long hair or if you want the perfect shade to always look perfect, you will need a little more dye, so you will spend more money. Fortunately, there are other ways you can dye your hair! Methyl blue color the hair in green, gentian purple makes it purple, castellani leads to purple, and methyl blue mixed with gentian violet make your hair blue. In order not to stain the whole bath, you just have to mix the solution with the hair conditioner and apply it like any other dye.

short blue hair

Shades of Blue You Can Try

We are accustomed to choosing common shades of hair when we change our look, such as the brunette, the blonde and the redhead, but also their derivatives – shady hair, balayage and curly hair. However, this year, we must go beyond this border and choose surprising nuances, which will benefit us and which will attract all our attention, like the blue hair color.

If you are already familiar with denim/blue hair, find out that next year’s blue hair shades are inspired by these dark colors, but they also bring the shades of blue and sapphire blue in the foreground. Are you curious about the blue hair shades you can make rages with in 2020? Find out below everything about blue hair shades!

  1. This year, pastel shades are not just about clothes. We have already seen that opal hair has become more and more appreciated by fashionistas, and now we are delighted to find that baby blue hair is just as sought after.
  2. If you are not ready for a complete transformation by choosing blue hair, you can try the blue dye just at the hair tips.
  3. And let’s not forget denim hair, which remains one of the trends this year. This blue hair color is great for brown women, but it works just as well for those with light skin.
  4. If you do not like electric shades of blue hair, you can choose a darker blue version. This blue hair color is suitable for women with olive or dark complexion.
  5. Blue hair can be customized with the help of splashes in similar shades, such as lilac, light pink or gold. These are amazing blue hair shades.
  6. Shadow blue hair is a must-have this year. Although it can be obtained quite easily, you should know that it is a difficult look to maintain.
  7. If you are not ready for such a transformation regarding blue hair, you can choose a few strands of blue hair to change your look or even the balayage coloring technique, which works with blue hair color.

Nonconformist women are free to change their look with the help of blue hair strands in a strong shade, but to match the chosen blue shade. This can only be decided under the guidance of a specialist, depending on your features.

Give up basic hair color this year! Choose the shade of blue hair that suits you and surprise those around you with your unique look!

sky blue hair

Why Human Hair Can’t Be Naturally Blue

We cannot have blue hair color by birth, but lately, something more non-conformist, such as blue, pink, or green shade is very fashionable. Probably many of you have wondered why human hair cannot have such a natural color.

From a biological point of view, the color of the hair is given by the cells present in the hair follicles, called melanocytes. These secret melanin, which, in turn, is of two types: eumelanin, responsible for the dark color of the hair and pheomelanin, which makes hair blonde, reddish and generally light in color. The two combine in different ways, resulting in varying colors of hair.

natural blue hair

The question must be asked differently: what was the first time? The color or ability to see it? The eyes have evolved since 600 million years ago. Before that, the world was less colorful. The preserved colors have appeared due to evolution. Yellow, orange, and red come from our diet. By assimilating the ingredients needed for these colors, we can use them then, but it does not apply in the case of blue.

It is not as easily absorbed and secreted as other colors in nature. Instead, animals have developed physical structures to reflect light in certain ways. Studying hundreds of different species of birds, scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have discovered that the keratin molecules in feather cells change how light is scattered to reflect it in the blue spectrum. This phenomenon is known as Structural Color not Pigmented.

Human skin can manipulate pigmentation to create shades of brown, yellow and red, but not blue and green. Snakes and frogs can create blue but not green pigments. These creatures look green because they add a yellow pigment to the blue structural color.

navy blue hair

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye

If you have dyed your hair with a semi-permanent product and you are not satisfied with the result, wanting to return to the original color, you must take care to do so without damaging the hair.

Normally, this type of dye disappears by itself 6 weeks after application, because it sticks to the hair without discoloring it beforehand. However, there are ways you can get back to the natural color sooner:

  • Heat half a cup of olive oil in the microwave for 15 seconds, so you can still keep it on the skin without burning. Apply it to the roots of the hair, then to the whole surface. Cover your head with a plastic bag and stay under an average heat source for up to 20 minutes. Shampoo abundantly then.
  • After you rinse, mix the juice from a lemon with a cup of water. Citric acid will remove any traces of artificial color. Stay with this mixture on the head for 10 minutes, then rinse again. Rinse permanently with cold water, shampooing and finishing the process with a splash of hot water.
  • You can also use products found in the home, such as baking soda, to open your hair shade. If you cannot get rid of unwanted dye by trying these remedies, it is time to seek the help of a professional.

ombre blue hair

Celebrities Who Have Marked the Trend of Blue Hair

– The appearance of the famous Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes gala, held in early January, with a retro hairstyle and a color-matched to a blue-blue dress was shaded by the glitter of the trophy. Awarded for Best Song (“Shallow”), in Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga stepped onto the red carpet in the modern version of Cinderella (from the color of the dress to the hairstyling). Of course, the celebrity’s personality came to light by choosing light blue tones, temporarily applied to glacial blonde hair.
– Just a few days earlier, Kylie Jenner shared with fans the novelty of purchasing a blue Rolls Royce, how else to match the color of her hair with the new toy?
– Another star who adopted this style is actress Vanessa Hudgens. She has bleached her strands, to be in trend. In the autumn of last year, she had made red strands, to match the falling leaves.

How to Dye Your Hair Blue: Tutorial

  1. Choose a tool: You can choose a professional tool, for example, there is a blue hair dye which is very popular in youth subcultures. Conventional “tonic” concept. It should be kept in mind that when the ink is washed, the hair will gradually take on a greenish shade, but how much will be pleasing to the eye – it depends on the hair.
  2. You can discolor your blue hair or not if it is already bright enough. Keep in mind that otherwise, it will quickly acquire a dirty hue of green. However, it is easy to remove the blue hair color by using one of the shampoos available in professional stores, and you can dye again your hair in blue.
  3. Wear an old shirt and wear gloves before dyeing. Blue dye can ruin what you are wearing during the dyeing process. You can bleach your hair at home or in the salon. What’s better in the salon? Nothing, except that you can receive individual recommendations based on the type of hair and choose the most suitable means. In any case, you can go to the salon only for advice and discoloration at home.
  4. After washing your hair, rinse it well, but do not apply the balm, which closes the hair pores, and you will not be able to apply well the dye for blue hair. Then the hair must be dried. If the dye is applied to damp hair, it will not resist.
  5. Follow the instructions on the dye package. Typically, you should apply the dye to your hair about an inch from the root, then comb using combs with different teeth, from the roots to the ends. Then massage your hair with your fingers to spread the dye.
  6. You have to wait 3 hours with your head covered.
  7. Of course, the coloring time depends on your type of product. But usually it is recommended to keep the dye on the hair as long as you can.
  8. Dry hair using hairdryer – this will fix the color, it will be more intense and stable. For the same purpose, you must wash your hair with vinegar. The water used for washing hair after coloring should be cold. It will keep the hair balance in a closed state and it will protect it from the dye wash…

katy perry bob blue hair

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