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Beyonce and Jay Z Net Worth 2019

by Jennifer
Beyonce and Jay Z Net Worth

Beyonce and Jay Z net worth had reached an amazing amount of money in 2019. Their careers and businesses have been developing over the years, so nowadays it is not surprising they have made a fortune and they seem to be more successful than ever. If you have been curious about their net worth and what are they doing with all this money, you will find out by reading this article.

Beyonce and Jay Z net worth is over $1.35 billion according to Forbes, and it seems they keep earning more and more as their careers and investments are continuously developing each year. More than that, they have all kinds of contracts in the advertising industry that provide large amount of money because they are so famous and successful. People all over the world love to see them and hear them sing.

One of the Richest Celebrity Couples

Beyonce and Jay Z net worth is the result of their hard work for profit and they can be easily classified as one of the richest couples all over the world. Both of them have made great fortune by themselves, but also as a couple, after they married in 2008.

Success and Fame

As we said before, Beyonce and Jay Z net worth is over $1.35 billion. But that sum of money represents their combined amounts. But how much money do they earn by themselves? Jay Z’s part is $900 million, while Beyonce earned $450 million. Billboard has stated in July 2017 that Beyonce is the highest paid musician in the past year, with an amount which has been estimated at $62.1 million. She is considered one of the best female singers of all time, being awarded many times for her performances and top selling albums.

When it comes to Jay Z, besides his well known career as a rapper, he is successful business man. There are people who consider him a mogul. Some of his largest investments are made in the Uber company, a full-service entertainment company named Roc Nation, and in March he has launched Arrive, which is an investment platform that works with early-stage startups. He also bought Tindal – a platform in the streaming music industry – and early this year he sold a 33% of its stake for almost $200 million.

Combined, the average amount of money which represent Beyonce and Jay Z net worth is $100 million per year. They obtain this money mainly from the music industry: record sales, merchandise, touring, endorsements and so on. For example, from touring, Beyonce earns about $2 million, and Jay Z reaches an estimated amount of $1.5 million per night…

Luxury Real Estates

Beyonce and Jay Z net worth is invested mainly into their family properties and businesses.  The couple have three children together: their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, and twins Rumi and Sir Carter. In the USA, Beyonce and Jay Z have bought very expensive mansions and properties which they live in or rent, for example in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, a villa in Miami and a $82 million mansion in Los Angeles. It has been rumored they have bought even an island in the Bahamas.

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