26 Lucky People Who Were at the Perfect Place at the Perfect Moment

There are some people in this world who manage to take pictures by chance when the timing is perfect. It is very difficult to immortalize something special and unique, but the following people did it.

We collected the most amazing photos lucky people have taken right at the beginning of this year.

Take a look at them and tell us what you think.

  1. “Got my camera wet for this shot. I’d say it is worth it!”
  2. “Good guy new neighbour saw me shovelling my driveway and used his ’new toy’ to help me out.”


  1. “Best New Year’s Eve ever. My son just took his first steps!”


  1. “First new Keanu pic of the year!”


  1. “I was lucky to capture this moment while on the road.”


  1. “My dad has run a car wash for over 30 years. He found this in the mailbox the day after Christmas.”


  1. An impressive scene where this dog and its owner reunite in the hospital after the dog saved its owner’s life by lying on him to keep him warm for 24 hours in the freezing cold when he fell and broke his neck.



  1. “I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew.”


  1. A Syrian refugee shoeshine boy was staring in from the outside of a gym (left) and the Turkish social media made this photo public. The gym gave him a free lifetime membership.


  1. He is seeing snow for the first time. Look how happy he is!


  1. “A year ago my iPhone 6 was stolen, and then a week ago I won the office raffle.”


  1. This was a big Jackpot from a vending machine.


  1. “I was sitting there waiting for the perfect moment when the train arrived.”


  1. “A perfect snowflake landed on my scarf.”


  1. A whale came ashore on January 1st in Nova Scotia, Canada, but the locals saved it. Really Impressive!


  1. The New Year started great for a mother of two because she bought a lottery ticket by mistake and it happened to win $5,000 a week for life.


  1. “Sat next to a video game animator on a 6-hour train journey. He decided to draw my daughter. Great skills on a train going at 300 km/h. He kept her entertained for a lot of the trip and also had his dad take us to our hotel. A random stranger but ended up a friend.”


  1. “A stranger gave me a pair of gloves when I was walking home from work in the cold.”


  1. “My girlfriend and mom enjoying fireworks right outside our window.”


  1. This bonus wasn’t expected.


  1. “When I looked in my pockets on New Year’s, I found a 1918 penny. Exactly 100 years old!”


  1. This picture was taken accidentally. The photographer wanted to capture the sunset and he did not notice the unique shape made by birds until he got home.


  1. “Surprising Grandma with a new stove.”


  1. This is pure luck. There was a fire, but the owners of this house left the lawn watering system turned on when they were evacuated. Their house and lawn weren’t touched by the fire.


  1. “She’s in love with the new tiny human.”


  1. “I joined the Disney Princess club this morning…”


How about you? Have you captured something really cool and you want to share the photos with us? Tell us in the comment section.